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Corporate Philosophy of HANEWFOODS GROUP

1. Contribute to Society Through the Steady Supply of Meat Products

When imported meat products were scarce, meat was considered a luxury item and malnutrition was common among the people of Japan.
We believed we needed to do something to improve the nation’s quality of life.
With this objective in mind, we became a pioneer in the business of importing meat products.
Our mission since then has become the “Distribution of High Quality Import Meat Products at a Reasonable Prices.”
Although many years have passed and the market environment has changed,our guiding mission remains the same today, and it will never change.

2. Understand Customer Needs, and Provide the Best

Not only do we provide the safest, most reliable, and delicious products, but also we pledge to be swift and responsive in communicating relevant information as part of providing the best service possible.

3. Being an Integrated Company, We Deliver the Best Service and Progress

Our primary strength has always been the importing of meat products.
Building on this foundation, we have established a strong presence not only here in Japan but in the overseas market as well. We have always strived to become the best integrated company in the meat market sector on account of our constant progress and effective internal coordination.

4. Great Place to Work, Satisfying Careers

We at HANEWFOODS GROUP believe that the foundation of good business can only be achieved through cooperation. We also believe that innovation can thrive only where openness and mutual respect exists. Thus, we try our best to maintain such an environment so that each employee can feel a sense of accomplishment in their work.

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