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Introduction of Our Group of Companies


Structure and functions of each division of the HANEWFOODS GROUP

”Let HFG provide safe & delicious meat products for your dining table.”

HANEWFOODS GROUP consists of seven different divisions:
At each division, we have carefully positioned highly skilled professionals in each division to coordinate and perform specific duties.

The Sales division is responsible for selling all of our products. The Wholesale trading division possesses a trading company function and procures meat from around the world. The Meat processing division is responsible for processing of meat products. Our Domestic supplies division is responsible for raising, delivering, processing and selling quality domestic cattle and our Overseas operation division is responsible for sales in the U.S., Australia, China, and Korea, they also export and import meat products. Business Promotion Division has expert teams to analyze, plan, and support the group business activities
Lastly, overseeing the management of each division, and to support all administrative work, we have an Administration division.



▼Overseas Operation Division


▼Business Promotion Division


▼Administration Division

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